About Us

Inkle Designer 1-2-3 is an iOS app built by husband and wife team Chris and Karen Greene of Greeneland Creative, LLC. Inkle Designer 1-2-3 is not yet released, but has been submitted to Apple for review. Release is imminent!

Our goal from the beginning was to create an app which inspires your creativity. We hope that this app is fun for you to use and that it encourages you to play with color and design.

Perhaps you’ve never designed a band and don’t know where to start. Inkle Designer 1-2-3 makes it quick and easy for you to design and to iterate.

Do you weave the same pattern repeatedly, but want to try different color combinations? With Inkle Designer 1-2-3 you can copy an existing project and easily edit the colors until you find a combination you love.

Do you prefer to weave plain weave, pebble weave, baltic weave, monks belt, or krokbragd? Or perhaps you want to learn more about one of these styles? With Inkle Designer 1-2-3, you can design in any of these styles.

How did we get here?

Karen and Chris each brought their unique perspectives to the app development process.

Karen knits, crochets, spins, weaves, dyes, and sews with varying degrees of skill and devotion. She is active in her local fiber arts community, serving as the President of Orlando Distaff Day, the Technology Chair for the Florida Tropical Weavers Guild, and Historian for Weavers of Orlando. She is also the blogger behind Through the Yarny Curtain. While she’s tech savvy enough to build WordPress sites (including this one!), she doesn’t write code.

Chris built his first computer program when he was 15 and never looked back. He is a software developer by profession. He’s also a hobbyist woodworker, so understands the time and attention required to make things by hand. He does not, however, do any fiber crafts.

Karen is the project manager, explaining how the app needs to work. She is also responsible for copywriting, graphics design, and marketing. Chris is the developer, writing all the code.

Along the way, we’ve each learned a lot about the other’s areas of expertise. Karen had to explain inkle weaving to Chris, because he had to understand the process in order to write code. Chris had to explain the software development process and the ways that different code approaches impact what is possible in the app, so Karen could decide which approach would be best as we plan for additional features.

The result of this back and forth is an app which is flexible in its approach, so you can work in the manner that works best for you and your current project.