Beta Testing Application Form

We are so excited to be approaching beta testing. We are doing at least three rounds of beta testing, as follows:
Round 1: a single individual, who is a personal friend, so we can test the TestFlight process and understand how it works.
Round 2: local people we personally know who are either inkle weavers, software developers, or both.
Round 3: newsletter subscribers.

Round 1 and 2 will start during the week of June 28. We expect Round 3 will start sometime during the week of July 5.

Completion of this Application Form is not a guarantee that you will be able to participate in beta testing on any particular schedule or at all. We will be adding people to beta testing a few at a time and may take time to address any issues that testers find before adding additional testers. If beta testing reveals a need for extensive changes, it may be some time before you receive an invitation to participate in beta testing. We will provide updates on our beta testing progress in our Newsletter.

All of the check boxes are required. If you cannot agree to the terms listed, you will not be eligible to participate in beta testing of Inkle Designer 1-2-3.